Running a Speciality Car Shop

Running a Speciality Car ShopAre you wanting to start your own business? What about a specialty car shop? These are garages that fix problems going on with vehicles, or sometimes perform upgrades and modifications on vehicles to increase performance. These can be large or small work areas and are different than your typical repair shop because they focus on a particular repair or focus on a particular car. So you may find a specialty car shop that only does timing belt repairs, or you may find a different specialty car shop that only works on Audis. Follow some tips to create a successful specialty car shop.

Start by developing a business plan. Keep it simple and focus on the first year. Define who your target market is going to be. Think about what specific types of vehicles you want to repair or if you are going to repair anything. What services you plan on providing whether that be repair work or modifications? Finally, you want to make sure you plan for what you are going to charge your customers. Let’s fun a scenario. Let’s say that your target audience is a middle class income family. You really like Hondas so you want to only work on those types of vehicles. Since you are limiting what type of car you will work on, you decide to become well versed in all sorts of repairs that Honda cars can potentially have such as needing a new timing belt, or something particular about the motor. Now you can come up with a price for the different services. Obviously the more complex the issue the more you need to charge. Take into account the price for parts as well as how much time it’ll take you to do the necessary repair. Your price points should take that into consideration and then put a little into your pocket. Chances are you will need to make sure you have a good stock of specialty parts so if you are looking for special parts order forms you have found the right place.

Something to keep in mind is that auto repair is a very competitive industry. There are lots of competitors out there so you need something that will give you an edge among the competition. Specializing can help you to achieve that. You have targeted a specific group of people and they know they can only go to you in order to get done what their car needs. Since these shops are specialized a bonus to them is that they are more streamlined and provide quicker and more efficient service. This is something that I’m sure we can all appreciate. Since they only do a specific repair, they only order certain parts so they are bound to have what you need in stock since they focus on what you need done. I have faced this problem before of the auto shop not having what they need to fix my car and I’m without a car for longer than is convenient. Also another plug for specialty shops is since they specialize they have a lot of solid experience in doing the repair work you need done. You can have peace of mind that they know what they are doing, and will do a quality job. See the difference a specialty shop makes and open one today.


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