How Mobile Apps Can Help Your Small Business

How Mobile Apps Can Help Your Small BusinessIf you have a small business you will need to develop mobile apps to get on the mobile phone as soon as possible because this is an upcoming technology which drives business to your site. If you already have a website set up, then you need a mobile app to adjust the web page to the size of your Iphone. Setting up your business in a mobile app gets your business in the hands of all the people who are using cell phones around the clock. In today’s society there’s no time to go home and look through the Yellow Pages to find your business. You need to be mobile ready to let someone locate you in an instant on their mobile phone.

Setting up a mobile site is relatively simple to do because you can put the key words and key phrases in the first two sentences and add the logo of your company with graphics. And, always make sure your phone number is at the top and the middle, and at the bottom and bold, so the caller can have immediate access to what they need that your business has to offer. Say for example, I’m out on the highway and I need a wrecker, I turn my phone on, and there you are – Clever Wrecker Service, we deliver. And, a big picture of your Wrecker is sitting on my mobile app.

When I’m waiting for my car to get fixed, I will need to call my insurance company, which has their phone number and their mobile app right on my phone. I don’t have to ask for a phone book, I can turn my phone on, tap on my mobile app, and dial a number to see what kind of insurance that is available to me for my car. Once I find this out, I will be able to show my insurance card to release my car after having it fixed.

Once I have my car towed and repaired and have settled with the insurance company, now it is time for my lunch. I turn on my phone, I see my favorite restaurant on my mobile phone with their unique sign of my hometown buffet. I dial the number, call em up, and presto, they tell me they have fried chicken or fried fish, or even mushrooms to wet my appetite. I make haste, yet without speeding, to make it to my town to enjoy good home cooked food. My day is getting brighter, I have been able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time because my phone numbers were at my reach.

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